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The Differences in Sleeping Pattern

The Differences in Sleeping Pattern

Everyone has their own sleeping habit, and although some may be considered more normal than others, everyone has to do what works best for her own body and lifestyle. Traditionally, people will go to sleep in the evening, and then wake up in the morning ready to go to work, school, or simply begin the new day. For some people however, it is not that easy. They work night shifts, therefore will have to sleep during the day; others may have babies, and are likely to be woken up several times during the night. There are many more things that might affect your sleep cycle that you might not even be aware of. Your mattress might be need replacing, in which case you might want to look through online mattress reviews and get a new one - your sleep would definitely benefit from it. Your diet and how much exercise are also a factor, and all of these things combined will affect your sleeping pattern, in ways you may or may not wish them to.

You will be surprised to find out just how varied the sleeping patterns are of some of the most well known celebrities out there, which you can find at Celeb Jury. There are many different types of sleeping pattern, and you can find out some of the most common below.

  1. Monophasic - This is essentially what the majority of people would call a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern, and is what most people around the globe will have. It is when a person will sleep ideally for around eight hours during the night, and is what most societies have adopted. It seems to be what works in traditional society, as most jobs are not possible during the night and eight hours seems to be the optimum amount of sleep for humans.
  2. Biphasic - This is when a person needs two sleeps per day. The most common way this is achieved is when a person has a much longer sleep during the night and then a shorter rest in the middle of the day. In places like the UK and America, this is not very common, but in the Spanish and Latin American countries, it is completely normal, and is called a ‘siesta’.
  3. Polyphasic - This sleeping pattern is when a person will have multiple sleeps throughout the day, ranging from around four to six overall. There are many different combinations of sleeping pattern that people may adopt here, but the main types are called Everyman, Uberman, and Dymaxion.

People who take siestas will take advantage of the time of day when they feel a little tired, usually around lunchtime, and take a quick nap, usually lasting no more than around 30 minutes. This can help to provide deep refreshment, and studies have shown it can actually have the same effect as having a few hours of sleep.

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