All Season Fluffy Mattress Topper Pad, Down Alternative, 2 Inch, 4 Siz

All Season Fluffy Mattress Topper Pad, Down Alternative, 2 Inch, 4 Sizes

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Luxurious Comfort and Softness
Our premium bed topper provides excellent comfort and a luxurious plush feel while preserving the support of your spring or foam mattress underneath. With 2 in of down-alternative polyester fill, you'll get that dreamy-soft feel of a traditional down topper without goose or feather-fill allergens.

Quality Materials and Construction
This Superior mattress topper is made of durable and high-quality down alternative polyester fill and a soft, quiet microfiber shell for comfort. Designed with a baffle-box structure and double-needle stitching, this pillow top mattress pad is built to last, ensuring that the fill doesn't bulge or move over time.

Bring New Life to Your Old Mattress
Bring new life and comfort to your old mattress with this bed topper. Instead of upgrading to an expensive mattress that you're not sure you'll love, try the comfort and plush feel of a mattress topper designed to fit perfectly on top of your existing mattress.

Ideal For Any Season
Unlike traditional foam mattress toppers, this featherbed doesn't feel hot and is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. The polyester-fill down alternative is ideal for a range of seasons and doesn't need to be removed in the summer.

Easy Care and Cleaning
Skip the hassle of dry cleaning. This pillow top mattress pad can be washed and tumble dried on low in the comfort of your home to bring it back to its original loft.

  • Twin set includes 39-by-75-by-2-inch Matress topper
  • Full set includes 54-by-75-by-2-inch Matress topper
  • Queen set includes 60-by-80-by-2-inch Matress topper
  • King set includes 78-by-80-by-2-inch Matress topper
  • DOWN ALTERNATIVE FILL: This mattress pad is filled with a polyester down alternative, ideal for those with allergies or asthma
  • PILLOW-TOP COMFORT: This 2 in bed topper provides a soft, comfortable pillow top while maintaining the support of your current mattress
  • DURABLE DOUBLE STITCHING: Double stitching and a baffle-box design allows the mattress topper to hold its shape and keep the fill even throughout
  • ALL-WEATHER COMFORT: This pillow top mattress cover doesn't get too warm so it's ideal for any season, no need to adjust throughout the year
  • EASY CARE: This bed topper is easy to clean and care for, simply machine wash and tumble dry on low to re-fluff the 2" fill
  • All Season Fluffy Mattress Topper Pad, Down Alternative, 2 Inch, 4 Sizes
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