Wrinkle-Resistant Tencel Sateen Sheet Set

Wrinkle-Resistant Tencel Sateen Sheet Set

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Environmentally-friendly, sustainable Tencel polyester sheets are not only kind to the planet but they're soft and gentle on your body too. This eco-chic sheet set has a smooth, silky feel that glides over skin, is breathable, quick drying and can absorb more moisture than cotton. That's what makes these soft sheets a perfect all-season bedding set for the whole family.
  • WRINKLE RESISTANT: Tencel polyester blend sheets are less prone to wrinkles
  • EASY CARE: This complete sheet set is machine washable and dryer safe
  • COLOR FAST: Sheet sets are resistant to fading so colors are always like new
  • INCREDIBLY SOFT SATEEN: Tencel polyester sheets feel silky-smooth next to your skin
  • ALL-IN-ONE SET: One flat, one fitted sheet plus 2 pillowcases (twin includes 1 case)
  • Wrinkle-Resistant Tencel Sateen Sheet Set
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