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What To Wear, Robes or Housecoats?

What To Wear, Robes or Housecoats?

While they are both one in the same, please allow us to insert a little history lesson here. 

The word “robe” comes from the French term meaning “a woman's dress.” Due to its attached sleeves it was set apart from cloaks and capes. 

Its beauty lies in how it has evolved throughout the years.

Wealth, prosperity, and lineage worn by dynasties were synonymous for traditional, embroidered, Chinese robes. These robes were beautiful, intricate and a large factor determining one’s social status.

The traditional Japanese kimono was popularized by Japan’s rich and flourishing textile industry. Kimonos have been a great inspiration for many modern robes found in the United States and abroad. 

In Egypt, the robes worn by both sexes in Egypt were called kalasiris by Herodotus. Over the centuries, their material and cut varied, but the cloth of choice was always linen. The kalasiris women wore might cover one or both shoulders or be worn with shoulder straps.

Today’s well-loved post-shower, pre-sleeping attire is frequently referred to as a bathrobe, robe, housecoat, or dressing gown. They have been used for multiple reasons throughout the years. The most common fabrics used in today’s industries are cotton, silk, microfiber, wool, and nylon.

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