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7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Although in the East Coast it seems like Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive, many of us have caught the Spring Cleaning bug.

    The truth is that more clutter means more stress. So, believe it or not, housework can cut stress and anxiety by 20 percent according to a survey.

    With that said, here 7 unexpected health benefits of spring cleaning:

    1. Spring Cleaning Improves Your Mood. A thorough house cleaning is one mood boost you’ll want to make a habit. A recent study found that people who described their homes as cluttered and/or with unfinished projects, were more likely to have an increasingly depressed mood throughout the day.

    2. Spring Cleaning Gets You to Move Without You Noticing It. The cleaner someone's home is, the more exercise they are getting. Who knew? Burning calories while cleaning is one explanation. 

    3. Spring Cleaning Helps You Be More Productive At Work. Spring cleaning your workspace is just as important as organizing your home, especially if the papers and folders that clutter your desk enable your inability to work.

    4. Spring Cleaning Helps You Sleep Better. Don't reach for that sleeping pill that next time you're having trouble falling asleep. Try sprucing up your bedroom. A survey from the organization also found that 75 percent of respondents slept better on clean sheets because they were more comfortable. Remember, Blue Nile Mills can help with that!

    5. Spring Cleaning Influences A Healthy Diet. The idea of “clean eating” has been circulating for a while, but did you know a clean home could help you eat cleaner—or at least healthier? Individuals placed in a clean, orderly room are more likely to select healthier snack options than those in a disorderly environment.

    6. Spring Cleaning Prevents Injuries. Whether it's your kids cleaning up after they play with their Lego sets, according to the National Council on Aging about 1 in 4 adults 65 and up fall each year, resulting to 2.8 million ER visits. Keeping walkways clear helps prevent falls.

    7. Spring Cleaning Helps Prevent Illnesses. Spring cleaning is a great excuse to wash away spots you usually overlook in your daily or weekly routine. Ridding your counter tops of food contamination or running vinegar and baking soda through a hot laundry cycle can get rid of the germs hiding in unexpected places.

    So the you're ready to get your Spring Cleaning on, remember that studies show that scented cleaners that produce happy smells, can actually reduce stress and help you live a healthier life.

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