Why Sleeping In Will Boost your Productivity

Why Sleeping In Will Boost your Productivity

There is a false belief in our society that sleeping in is lazy. It's not. Actually, many people would be more productive if they slept in vs. waking up early.

If you're on the sleeping in band-wagon, there is no need to feel guilty or lazy. Here are a few reasons why sleeping in will actually increase your productivity:

1. Depending on your chronotype (Chronotype refers to the behavioral manifestation of underlying circadian rhythms of myriad physical processes. A person's chronotype is the propensity for the individual to sleep at a particular time during a 24-hour period. ), sleep consistency is important; the time you wake up is not.

2. Many people need more than 8 hours of sleep. Research Center of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, have demonstrated that alertness significantly increases when eight-hour sleepers who claim to be well rested get an additional two hours of sleep. Energy, vigilance, and the ability to effectively process information are all enhanced, as are critical thinking skills and creativity.

3. Sleeping in can improve your long-term memory retention, memory organization, and learning. When you fall asleep at night, you go through 4 stages of sleep every 90 to 110 minutes. You typically go through 4-5 cycles of these stages each night. With each successive cycle, more time is spent in REM stage. During later sleep cycles, REM sleep increases from twenty to as much as sixty minutes.

Sleeping in also allows for more time to practice Lucid Dreaming, allowing you to control your dreams and rehearse for waking life.

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