Living In the Past or Future Drains You from Living Today

Living In the Past or Future Drains You from Living Today

Being aware, conscious, present…is something that you cannot delegate or outsource. Sometimes it’s not you, it’s them. You’ve surrounded yourself or placed yourself in situations that quite frankly are just toxic.


There are situations, even people in your life that may be robbing you and your efforts from becoming more aware. Do the following:

1. Let go of people who only come to you to complain, gossip, fear and have judgement of others. 

2. Keep your promises. 

3. Delegate what is possible and dedicate your time to the things you enjoy doing. 

4. Give yourself permission to rest. 

5. Nothing robs you of more energy than a disorganized space. 

6. Make your health and well-being a priority. 

7. Confront toxic situations that you’ve been avoiding.

8. Accept what you cannot change.

9. Forgive. 

10. Connect yourself to your higher power. 

Focus on the present. Living in the past or in the future will drain you from living today. Don’t rob yourself of journey that is your life.

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